Agbay Single Blade Cake Leveler

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The Agbay Single Blade Leveler features easy height adjustment for cakes up to 6 inches high and 20 inches across, razor-sharp, stainless steel serrated blade for effortless torting and durable, unmatched quality for the very best results every time!


  • Cuts up to a 20 inch cake including ½ sheet cakes
  • Height adjustments from ¼” up to 6” high
  • Cuts through all types of cakes, even cakes with fruit and nuts
  • Wide foot design provides stability insuring flat and parallel cuts every time
  • Advanced frame design keeps the blade under tension to prevent digging and climbing
  • Includes Blade Cleaning Tool and Blade Guard
  • Easily upgrades to the Double Blade Leveler
  • Overall Dimensions: 26” long x 9” high x 5” wide

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